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SADAD Payment System

Dear Customer,

We are pleased to announce that AJIL is live on SADAD Payment System. Now you can pay your dues to AJIL using your bank account through SADAD services.

Our Biller:

    1. Our Biller code is "188"
    2. You will find AJIL under the category of "Financial & Insurance Services" on SADAD billers' list.

How to Pay?

    1. For Corporate Customers, use your Commercial Registration Number as a bill number.
    2. For Individual Customers, use your ID Number as a bill number.
    3. On your bill number, you will find your total due amounts on all your contracts with AJIL.
    4. You will have the option to make a partial or a full payment.
    5. If you wish to pay your amounts on a contract basis, please do the following:

Send your CR /ID number on email: sadadaccountinfo@ajilsa.com and our sadad team will provide you with your “Contract Bill Number” for all your contracts.

   ✓ For your convenience, we encourage you to use SADAD Payment System for all your future payments to AJIL.

AJIL Financial Services Company