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Doing Business with Us

"AJIL ensures best practice and operational excellence in the
delivery of financial solutions that meet customers’ specific needs."

We pride ourselves on the simplicity and transparency of our business practices and procedures. Contact us and we would be delighted to visit your organization to discuss your financing requirements. Once we have understood your financial needs, we will provide expert advice in the clearest possible terms and offer you financing solution tailored to your situation. 

To facilitate an evaluation of your application for financing, we will require the following documents:
» Company information and brochures.
» Audited financial statements for previous years.
» Valid commercial registration certificate.
» Articles of association/Company by-laws.

Rest assured, we will maintain the confidentiality of all information provided to us.

As a provider of state of the art financing solutions, AJIL is confident that the lease financing product that it offers will meet your expectations.

AJIL services include: Financing Solutions, Leasing advantage, Finance Lease and Customized finance.