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Financing Solutions

"AJIL maintains a close relationship with all of its customers that reaches well beyond the initial sales transaction, ensuring a quality of service and level of client satisfaction that is second to none."

Each transaction is evaluated on an individual basis to provide the optimal solution for the project at hand. Our experience enables us to appreciate the differing nature of every business objective as well as the varying opportunities and constraints involved. Once our team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals has fully understood your business situation and your specific finance requirements, we will propose the most appropriate financing solution, designed to meet your operational needs at the most economical cost.


Although in many instances our standard financing products meet our client’s requirements, we will, where necessary, tailor our products; for instance by offering optional insurance, at a competitive rate, to cover leased assets in a complex finance transaction.


AJIL’s financing products are Shariah-compliant products approved by an independent Shariah Board of distinguished scholars who review and supervise our financing products to ensure compliance with Shariah principles.


If you have any enquiries about our services you may contact us via the Complaint Form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.